I Stand for Freedom! Do you?

The mission of this campaign is to promote Freedom. The more ways we find to promote American freedom, and the values that have made us the best country on the planet, the better. We do this for the preservation and restoration of freedom. Our aim is to have a lasting impact on the people that we encounter long after this election is over.

Prosperity, safety, preservation, and the restoration of freedom to District 4 is the only things that matter to me. If I am elected there will be five things that I will ask the people of District 4 to do. If we are 80% in compliance, then we as a District 4 will be one of the most prosperous, the safest, and the most prepared District in the nation.

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About Candidate

Jimih Jones is a current resident of Woodland, CA, and has been for over 19 years. He has been a Parts Professional for a local dealership for over 17 years.
He’s a husband, and dedicated dad of two cool kids. He also has a background in conservation through the California Conversation Corps. His hobbies include music, reading, and relaxing!

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The reasons for running for Congress.

(Freedom!) The power or right to act, speak, and think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Most Americans have been tricked into associating pro-choice with just abortion. I believe that no adult should be restricted in making choices that affect their lives. As Americans, we need to promote freedom of choice along with the consequences that come when making the wrong choices. Thus, the term (personal accountability!) I Love Freedom, do you? Without it none of the other things are possible. No Republic, no Democracy, no Life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness.

For years, I have watched my parental rights, my freedoms, slowly but surely get stripped away. I have talked and watched from the sidelines for too long. I decided to stop talking about it. It’s time for action. One of my primary goals is to promote everything that makes our country a great place. Due to the recent pandemic, I became aware of the fact that the majority of our medical supplies, which are crucial, come from only one country. This is something that should not be allowed to continue. Which brings me to one of my other goals, and that is to prepare us for anything that should come our way.

Question. Are you a law-abiding citizen who is concerned about the overreach of our federal government into our lives? I will be a big voice for the citizens of this country. Those who pay their taxes, choose to do what is right, and also those who treat one another with respect should not be subjected to the disrespect of any branch of government.

Question. Are you concerned about how our water supply is being distributed throughout our state? Did you know that we, the citizens, use a little over 12% of the water supply, and farmers get close to 40%? So where does the rest of the water go? The rest is for environmental uses. I will fight for our water supply to be more evenly distributed throughout the state. Farmers who use water resources wisely, deserve more water to grow their crops.

My choices!

(School Choice). Why? Schools have not lived up to the standards of the past, which is to teach our children how to read, learn to write, and understand and use arithmetic. Data shows vast gaps at the National level in proficiency along racial and ethnic lines, as well as between states. Results from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress show that only 32% of fourth graders in California are reading proficiently. These results put California below the national average and behind 25 other states. 

Why should a child be held back based on district? When I was in elementary, there were classes for the gifted. I remember it well. One day I noticed that a few classmates were missing. I found out weeks later that they were moved to the class for the gifted. What happened to those school programs? I believe (G.A.T.E) gifted and talented education helped so many children achieve a higher level of success because the schools that had those tools at their disposal understood, that if teachers could recognize that a child excelled in a particular subject or subjects that there was a place to harness and develop those gifts.

I will push for the G.A.T.E programs to be reintroduced in elementary. Many people love the idea of inclusion, and hate putting another child over another. This attitude has held so many of our children back. I believe that if any child is proficient in any activity or subject, being in a different district should not be a deterrent or barrier. After it’s been determined that your child has specific skills, then there should be a short checklist for approval. First, the school of choice needs to be less than 30 minutes away from your residence. Can your child be on task in a group setting or while working alone? Does that child have a behavioral problem? And most importantly can parents or guardians get the child or children to and from school safely?

More parents are deciding to homeschool their children or send them to a Charter school if there are any available in their district. With advancements in technology, curriculum has come a long way. There are some online homeschooling programs that are giving public, and some private schools a run for their money.

(Parental Authority) I believe that these are divine rights giving to parents, from our Creators. For decades these rights have continued to be under attack. Adult content is now being taught to our children without our say as parents. It should not be the teacher’s job to teach our children about sexuality. This is a subject better taught in the home where the moral beliefs of the family can properly influence the child. These are delicate issues that are being tossed about in conversation. It is desensitizing our children and taking away our right as parents to set boundaries for them. As parents, we should have the right to steer certain educational content. The school board has become too liberal with their assumptions of what is appropriate for our children to know. The fundamentals were the foundation to education, not current society opinions or fads. The school’s top priorities are to teach our children how to read, write, and count.

There’s legislation that has already been introduced in the state assembly called SB 866 to usurp our parental authority, and its (basis Covid). SUMMARY SB 866 permits minors 12 years and older to consent to vaccination when the vaccine is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and meets the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. SB 866 builds on existing law, which currently allows minors 12 and over to make choices about their bodies around reproductive healthcare. SB 866 protects the ability of young people to live healthy lives, helps keep schools open and safe, increases vaccination rates, and promotes public health in California.

Look Parents, these mind snatchers have been after our children from the beginning. Most people call it indoctrination, while others call it brainwashing. I call it P.P.P. What is P.P.P.? It’s the (Psychological Propaganda Project.) Whatever you want to call it, it should never be allowed to infiltrate our schools. Parents understand that their children’s minds are very absorbent, and tinder at this early developmental stage, so we should do our best to keep their minds on things that are positive and teach them as much as we can, so that they can grow and learn skills that improve their chances in life. These attacks are aimed at the traditional family structure. Attacks on our children’s minds were once very subtle and clever, but now we are being attacked in the open and at every level possible. We didn’t think it would happen to our children. We didn’t think that they would come after our parental authority. We see this in education, at the hospitals, and in government. In education, school boards are under the impression that parents are too busy with work, and life to check out what’s going on at school. They were wrong. Our teachers have continued to be held hostage by bureaucrats and unions.

(Pandemic:) What we’ve learned from the Pandemic is that people cannot be trusted. We weren’t able to be proactive to fight the virus because we had been told so many lies. We stopped listening to the proper authorities on the subject. It’s not good when things become politicized. Too many mixed messages.

As a Congressional Representative I will fight against vaccine shaming. Employers would not be allowed to terminate employees based on not wanting a vaccine. For decades, people have marched and spoken out against the implementation of vaccinations before this pandemic. The people of America have the right to choose what goes into our bodies, and no one, not our state, or federal government has the right to tell us otherwise. What happened during the lock downs? (We the People) have become (we the lazy people). Take a look at our diets. We have become a nation of sluggish, overweight gluttons. We have overindulged on all kinds of foods and have engaged in other activities that has caused our overall vitality to decrease. We have become the medicated generation. With the arrival of social media, and new technological advances with phones, we have become the distracted people.

(Public safety) If you have been paying attention, then you would know that violence has become a very big problem. I think that public safety is one of the most critical elements of a free society. There are many reasons for the uptick in crimes that we see spreading like wildfire across the country. One of the reasons is that elected officials both state and federal have advocated that we defund our law enforcement. Laws that were written to protect the citizens are ignored, while the decriminalization of some illegal acts have allowed repeat offenders off the hook. This is the effect of prop 47 which was passed by the people in 2014. We know, that if there is not a deterrent in place that many acts of crime will follow. My biggest issue is that we have many men and women running for positions such as District attorneys, and Sheriffs, and along with Prosecutors is that some have become (social justice advocates, and or activists). We need people who are willing to make justice, and personal accountability their top priority. We have a race going on throughout (District 4), so I encourage the citizens, please pay attention.

(Immigration) Question. What do we do about the millions of people that have come to our country that want to be citizens? Many immigrants or foreigners have come here to be Americans citizens. They have paid their financial dues, filled out all the paperwork, jumped through all the hoops, and are law abiding. They have lived in this country for over 10 years and are forced to wait in lines to become citizens. That’s not right! They work, own homes, and businesses and also have families. They need to be made citizens.

Immigration to this country at one point created the melting pot that we have so much pride in as a Nation. The diversity is reflected in today’s population. People were apt to come here and contribute to society without putting an undue strain upon the economy. Times have changed. We are facing disturbing inflation rates without an end in sight. Our beautiful country has always been a haven for those who sought solace. But it has become a flophouse for those wanting something different than what their country offers. Our resources have become more than strained. We put our own citizens in danger during the pandemic because of the lack of resources. When will we have the courage to say, “Our country is full?” When will we clearly see the writing on the wall? Shall we continue to have open borders and risk our citizen’s livelihood? Is it acceptable to give immigrants what our citizens do not have access to? When are we going to cater to American People first? How can we live the American dream when our dollar doesn’t stretch anymore? Are we going to continue to be at each other’s necks about the small number of resources we do have? Is it wise to continue to fight each other over education, food, jobs, and healthcare? We will not survive if we give our most precious resources away.

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