What happened?

What happened to the place we call America?

I grew up in a place where there was pride in being American. I grew up in a place where we were proud of our country being number one. I grew up in a place where we said the pledge of allegiance every morning at school. I grew up in a time of no segregation.

You see, I am a part of a generation that reaped the benefits from the sacrifices of the men and women before me. And what are those benefits? (FREEDOM). So, what shall I do with all of this freedom? Spread the word, love it, live it, enjoy it, but most of all, Protect it.

To all those women who fought, for all the good things in life. To all the men that refused to stand down but stood up, even when it looked hopeless, they refused to lose hope. Thank you.

Question. What has happened to this place we call America? We have been bombarded with negative images that show all the negative things about our country. All that is good is being blotted out. We have exchanged all that is good for bad, and vice versa. The light that once shined on our beloved country if fading away. We have not protected the widows or the fatherless.

The family structure has been fractured. Our streets are overflowing with homeless encampments. Drug use is up, crime is up, violence is up, inflation is up, marriage is on a sharp decline. Our children’s minds are being invaded with adult content. It’s on the T.V screen, in music, and on social media outlets. We are now playing the game of guilt by association. Sad.

Although the things, seen may discourage you, I will not give up on freedom, nor will I give up on hope. I will stand! Why? It’s been passed on to me from the elders from the previous generation. I took the baton, and I will run for freedom. I will not dishonor the sacrifices made by those true heroes before me.

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